Human Life Like a Tree (An Original Poem)

in life •  last year

Live like a tree

Its roots penetrate the soil, its habitat on earth and eat something from it to live. The leaves stared into the sky, space is the guarantor of his life.

There are tall trees and some are low, and there are vines.

There are parts of trees such as fruits, leaves, stems, skin, or roots, into drugs for others. There is also poison menajdai for others.

Trees can not choose the kind, like humans who can not choose the type of man after he was born so just follow the fate.

However, unlike trees, humans can choose what happens, although whatever their nation, humans can choose, whether it will be beneficial to other humans or will be poison for others.

The height of mind that distinguishes man and the whole of nature.

Banda Aceh, January 12, 2018.



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lagak that rakan, bereh puisi droneh


haha, baru meurumnoe teumuleh