When you sleep you take a little walk through the place you go to when you die.

in life •  2 months ago

When I was young and afraid of death as most people are, I was very curious about reincarnation, the thought that there might be a chance to avoid death, finally coming to the conclusion that if you're about to loose your memories, whatever "soul" remains is not really you anymore.

Sleep does that in a similar way, once you wake up its a whole new day, you forgot most things of yesterday and go on to find what this day brings you. Sometimes yesterday was extremely rough or too nice and you cant forget about it, and things that you do often transcend, but mostly its just one day at the time, one little life each day.

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Life is made up of two parts, spirit and physical, when we sleep our body takes rest, and our spirit wanders into different spiritual planes but with a cord connected to our physical body. The nature of life here on earth will determine the nature of spiritual life in accordance with the law of nature.


Thank you friend, with time I've turned more and more agnostic, I don't deny the existence of a soul, but until I can see it through my senses I've chosen not to consider it, the release from the expectation of a life after death has made me more grateful for every day and everything we get.

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