Summer Work - Hotel on the Isle of Skye

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Working on the Isle of Skye

So, now that my university degree is over with... finished.... done... fin. I am waiting for my next chapter; my master's degree.

However, due to the cost of the Master's Degree, living costs down South West of England, and the fact I want to buy a car before I go down, I've decided to apply for summer work.

And I've managed to snag myself a job in a hotel on the Isle of Skye in Scotland!


(I don't own this photo, credits go to Rabbies Tours:

It's going to be hard work. 45 hour working week. Cleaning and serving meals, but what a place to work! I get accommodation on site, get a good wage and I even get free tours around the Isle of Skye!
I'll be taking my SLR camera with me, and if these blog posts do well, then I may blog about my trip!

Wish me luck! 7 hour drive from Glasgow on Saturday!


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Good luck :) Looking forward to seeing your photos from that amazing place :)

Thank you! :)
Me too! Can't wait to go! :D

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