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When it comes to relationships, perception is everything. I could speak on perception on a wide range of considerations as regards human living, but let me major on relationships today.

What is Perception?

Now, I'm not giving any dictionary meaning here, I want to break it down and tell you like it is.

Perception is that which colours how you see, hear, understand and therefore how you act.

It colours your reasoning. It colours your mindset. Let me break it down with an example:

Think of a wife who thinks her husband is cheating on her, and is trying to play a fast one. It could be that he is, it could be that he isn't. She is not absolutely sure, but it now affects the way she sees him. She suspects his every move. She suspects his care now, like he's trying to cover up with a bribe. That man better not have a late night work that keeps him from coming home because the conclusion would be, he's gone to a side chick!

Let's consider Perception in three areas of Relationship

  • Your Perception of your Superiors
  • Your perception of your colleagues
  • Your Perception of your subordinates.


    Whether you agree with it or not, you have a predominate mindset:Perception as to what your superiors think about you, and this is already affecting your delivery on the job.

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Whenever your boss, looks at you,you read meaning to his eyes, you read meaning to his voice, you think he is thinking something about you. Now. If you perceive that your Boss holds you to a high esteem; you work in such a way as to meet up with his expectations of you. If you perceive he counts on you to take the productivity of the company to another level,you work in a certain way, you push yourself to produce more. If you think he thinks you are a lazy and unproductive staff, you get sad and fraustrated all day till you don't care anymore.

So, what should you do? What's the right perception?

Think of your boss first of all as loving and kind. He might not be in reality, but everybody has something good in them. Find the good in that your angry boss. Try to give him a nice compliment in the morning. Send him a happy new month message. If he asks you to do something, get it done immediately. Try out all this and you will notice that perception will begin to change.

He may suspect you the first few times, but keep at it until you convince him and it becomes your character for real.



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Permit me to say that having people you work with is a gift. You might be experiencing a living hell with them right now, but if you look closely, you will find a perception problem.

The truth is,you are all in the same office because you all have something in common. There's something about your purpose, and passions that are alike, so it means each one of you have something for the other. There's a gold mine in each one of you that the other fellow needs if he would realize his dreams and aspirations. It is your perception, you might just be wrong; and even if you are right, you can choose to change your perception because in reality People live up to your perception of them

Don't conclude that a fellow work mate doesn't like you and wants to fraustrated your work. Choose to see him as being there to help you get the job done faster. When you change your perceptions, your views will change, your talking will change, your actions will change, and of necessity, their actions towards you will change.

sometimes the way people act towards you or respond to you is a reflection of the vibes you are sending with your actions.



Having people who answer to you is aweeeeesooome! To me it means I have a team and with them I can do twice as much. With my subordinates all I need to do is be a leader.

Of course not everybody will like you, but you must have a necessary assumption that everybody does. You must carry that perception that they are passionate about what you do and want to do everything withing their might to see your goals achieved.

Of course don't bully them. Don't make them feel like they don't have worth. If you make everyone of your subordinates feel like they are important and necessary to the ultimate achievements of your set goals and plans, then they will all blossom.

Perception is very important. We live our lives based on perceptions. Get the right perceptions today and make your life easier


Thank you so much for this enlightening concised article, i sent a text to my superior from just reading(lol)[wow], i literally felt a perception change on reading this post, understand this, you relate with matter based on sight, for example, i love my White shirts just because i could see that they are white, i will love you as my superior, coleagues or surbordinate based on how i see you, now i am not talking about the optical eyes, now follow me, this bring to mind what a wise man once said, he said nothing is normal. In explaining that thesis he said That which we consider normal is to someone is abnormal, imagine someone with colour blindless or specific colours blindness, not just because the majority of us considers the supposed colour green makes it green because science has even helped proved that if i make another light of different wavelength fall on that same property it may reflect back a different colour, so realyy nothing is normal, everything is everything, i will write on that soon, now back to the matter on ground, this prooves that our perception about a man or thing goes a long way to determines our approach to it. Thank you once again for putting such wealth of wisdom in writing, it deserves more audience and for that it got my resteem.

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Of course not everybody will like you, but you must have a necessary assumption that everybody does

This is rhema... I mean i had to think with my sixth sense to grab it. Seeing for reality i mean😊

The perception you have about yourself matters a great. Your imaginative routine send waves around you and attracts its likes. As a man thinketh so he is.

Amazing content sire and a very cool thumbnail image as well. I love it.

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