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Now, I want to talk to ladies especially the beautiful ones like me, lol!

It is a ladies world to have guys come to us, for several reasons, some for friendship, some for relationships, some for s*x, but the big question I think some ladies have not asked themselves is why do these guys come to you? What is the attraction, what is the 'selling point?'

It is definitely not a difficult one to know why they come to you, because they either say it on the first time they meet you or they keep talking about it.

For most of us, our selling point is our beauty, our bodies, our curves, but the Big question is; should that be all? Should that be all our selling point? Should that be our only tool for attraction?

We've successfully been able to master attracting through our body beauty but how about mental attraction from mental beauty and Spiritual attraction because of spiritual beauty.

Ladies, you are not just a body. You are first a spirit being, then you posses a mind and then a body. You have mastered attracting with your body, because you give attention to your body. Give attention to the other aspects of you and see what happens.

What happens when physical beauty fades?

images (72).jpeg

When you are not as s*xy as you used to be, what happens to you?

Invest in Mental and spiritual beauty too, be complete.

There are a class of men that will never come to you except you emit mental beauty;and there are class of men who you will never meet until you emit spiritual beauty.

images (73).jpeg

Physical beauty will fade, mental and spiritual beauty won't. See what Peter, the apostle of Jesus advices the women of his day:

Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God.(1 Peter 3:4 Tlb)

The world deserves to get your best. The man you end up with deserves to get your best, your children deserves to get your best. When people come to you let them get the best experience of you, let them wish to meet with you again, dazzle them with beauty all round.

This is my little advice to beautiful ladies. Enjoy the rest of your day!



Hey @peewills...... this post recieve a WOW!!!! from me....

what a post!!!!! damn, you kill it all!!!

the message teaches the right lesson.

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I say BE GOOD.

Big thank you to you!! (smiles)

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