Digi Millionaires Introduces NetQube

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Digi Millionaires Introduces NetQube

Meet The CEO Of This First Of Its Kind Company

DIGI Millionaires brought on the CEO of a new marketing company
that should allow Joe and Susie Average
to generate $150 - $300 mo even without
out any team building.

Think about that. If we at Digi Millionairs can get our Joe
and Susie Average to generate an extra
150 - 300 mo without any team building,
it would allow our members more resources
to build their Digi Portfolios, and pay down debt.

This is the company that approached us
about putting our Digi Training System through
their network.

They have since asked us to take on a more
significant role with them that would include
helping them to vet any Digi and/or Trading
offers that they are approached to market.

They have a very unique business model
that will allow us to generate revenue from
a number of different niches while still
allowing us to focus on the Digi Niche.

This model essentially is where Affiliate
Products/Offers meets with a Multi-Tiered
Compensation model.

And again.... Joe and Susie Average will
be able to generate $150 - $300 mo without
any team building.

On Tuesday March 6, 2018 the CEO and CTO were featured on the Tuesday night webinar, introducing an exciting new company.

This company has not launched yet in the public
sphere. They are doing a Private Placement
for the next few weeks.

Facebook Friend me to keep updated.

We will ultimately integrate Digi Millionaires
into this company as one of their Financial/Crypto/Digi

Among the many reasons we are doing so is because
it will allow our Joe and Susie Average to
generate an extra 150 - 300 mo or more even without
any team building.

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That's a good idea please what are the requirements and how do it work