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We human have thinking power and can make decision for ourselves and for the other. We are human and surrounding by people, so we should concern ourselves and other. Especially while we are at public with many of other people. We normally use public facility most of our days.

We are using public road, transport, building and many others. When we use public property we should bear in mind that all this facility are one of our personal items. We should not use any how or abuse our facility. We should respect all this provider or benefactors that they have concern for us to use, so that we should share with care.

If anything damage we should not fail to report to authority. Some of us are fail to report, because they do not know where to report or some of us scare for getting trouble. If we are sincere enough, we should not worry. We should step forward and report immediately, so that authority can react fast by according to report.

When we are using public transport, we should aware ourselves for our own hygiene, if we are poor hygiene other people will effect and annoying to other. We can be smelly for other or we can be so dirty for other. So we should dress clean cloth, no necessary to be branded. As long as does not affect badly will do.

Sometime we overdo and also effect to other person. We can be over use perfume all over our body and it can be disturbing to other because of our strong smell. Everything has always good and bad for each one of us. We should not care at all and as well as overdo or acting.

Very importance thing is when we use public toilets. Everyone love clean public toilet. To always get a clean toilet, it is not only toilet cleaner job. We have to discipline ourselves to take responsible for our own awareness. Normally after we have used public toilet (need to pay or no need to pay), most of us don’t want to bother after we settle down from urgent need.

We should put ourselves as toilet cleaner and we should take responsible for what we have done and what we have ignore. Especially when we are using for free public toilet. When we use public toilets, if previous user was dirty or just leave it, when a person doesn't want to take his/her responsible, will you be angry or thanks to the person.

It is same thing that someone will use the toilet after you use, they might be same thinking as you think before you use the place. But sometime because of heavy usage and demand, engineering design will fail to supply the water system. So that we need to send our feedback to authority, so that they can review and can take necessary action sooner or later.

We can work together to achieve our place become beautiful if we take our own responsible.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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Yes, we should all be more considerate, so that we can all enjoy the public utilities.


we all should take our own responsible.

good sharing post.


thank you sis, see you around.