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In our life we all get sick sometime. When we sick we need medicine for healing. But we do not know what medicine or how we have to eat until we get well.

No one likes being to be sick. Normally can happen to us is the runny nose, sore throat, fever and vomiting of the flu, being sick can seriously slow down our daily activity.

These illnesses typically take 3 to 10 days through drinking medicine daily with proper care. We can be back well on our feet sooner or later, and we can do our daily activities that we use to enjoy.

If we cannot cure by normal medicines, we need to seek for help by medical provider’s to help us to give guide line for more tips. Either talking to a nurse or other medical professional for helping us to guide us our recovery plan. So that medical professional can also recommend us particular medicine for us to take for our sickness.

If we doesn’t improve we should visit the doctor or medical professional for extreme flu symptoms. We should not hesitate to go if your symptoms include a high fever, chills that make our body shake or getting worse. We should not stay ourselves at home we will require more help from medical centres or hospital.

Today we need healthcare professionals, more than ever. As the world changes, in our society also constantly need more and more Healthcare professionals. Our Healthcare industry must provide care for each one of us and to meet our new needs.

Our government must enforce policies and keeping the system running efficiently and economic health care for every person in our country Myanmar.

In healthcare industry, all kind of job itself can be rewarding to the individual. A career in healthcare is one of the biggest blessing and it opportunity to serve people with love and kindness. It can be also impact on the health of an entire village, town or even for the nation.

Those who choose their career in healthcare industry are making a difference in the world and we are also rewarded them with our acknowledgement for them forever.

But to join healthcare industry are not easy to make decision and is one of the few professions where they normally continue their life for upgrading to continue their education. Government also should grant their study and open opportunity for them to upgrade their skill and education.

Now more than ever, at everywhere around the world we needs qualified healthcare professionals to handle our healthcare issue.

As demand increase, our government enforce new policies for healthcare industry and public to manage our healthcare demand for each one of us.

To catch up with new technological advancements around the world and further accelerate to grow every research industry.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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Very interesting article ( Thanks for this my friend)


thank you for drop by... see you around.

For me, I've learnt how to boost immune system and follow this effective ways because preventing is better than cure. Nowadays, our local people are entirely rely on OTC(Over the counter drugs) for their health problems. It's so dangerous state for nation's health.


yes, we all have lack off healthcare knowledge and support. but we can start doing today.

good , health support.


thank you ...