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Many of people drink water less than 4 cups a days of drinking water, if they consumed less, we should substitute with of fruits or vegetables. The study showed that the best intake for our body is drinking water. Because it is calorie-free, caffeine-free, and alcohol-free so it is still the best.

Water is always an essential and for the life-sustaining we need to drink, cook and washing for humans, and also it is compulsory for all living organisms.

According to medical research, about 70% of the human body is contain with water. It is an important maintain our body of the metabolic process and we need to balance our body system.

We should drink water regularly at least about 2 litres every day and if we drink less water for our daily, it will occurs many physical disorders for ourselves. If we allowed ourselves to stay dehydrated throughout the day, our energy levels and brain function start to suffer.

We should know, how important it is to maintain well hydrated for our body. We need water to flow our blood circulation easy and smooth. If we drink less our body temperature will higher than normal and it will affect our brain to work well. Our emotion will easy to change and get easy to get hot temper.

So water is, without doubt, the most essential component of the human body system. We need to prevent dehydration for ourselves because it can easily effect our normal day’s activities and potentially inducing fatigue and headache.

If we want to prevent from dehydrate, we should monitor our urine and lips and mouth. When we are passing urine, if our urine become dark-coloured urine, it may be dehydrated, if can be effect as well as feeling dizzy and blood pressure will be low.

We people always need with healthy kidneys, if we have fail our kidney we need to do dialysis for every week minimum 2 time, and the cost will be very high and can lead to die faster without moneys. It can be managed by drinking more water frequently.

For the Rainwater's pH is slightly below neutral, because the water will need to pass through carbon dioxide from the air, so it is become slightly increases acidity. Our drinking water can be slightly high or low in pH, but if too high or too low, it can be dangerous for us.

If our drinking water is more to alkaline level that water has a bitter taste. But if too high level, the effects of alkalis can be cause on cancer. Alkaline base water will help to reduce the acidity of the stomach contents as well and helps our bodies to digest our food and easy to absorb nutrients.

When we supply our drinking water through pipe line system, it can cause from rust of metal and materials deposits can increase our water to highly acidic level and may also corrode metals and damage the pipe line.

We should carry bottled of water everywhere we go for these days to get water anytime we need to drink.

Because raw water can be effect our health benefits and it is possible that can contain with bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and other pathogens to be in the water.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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