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As we are human, we need Electricity. And also its every times around us. Today basically for lighting at darkness and father technology like our hand phones, computers, and air conditioners. For our modern world we need more electric city more and more.

We have so many resource throughout nature, we have many different energy sources today. Some of energy sources are renewable and but some are not.

All of us have different choices, due to our environment, we must choice to make when using energy resources, though our resources we will need to be used from oil & gas energy, hydro energy, wave energy, wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, waste energy and others.

However, there are always have some negatives for generating renewable energy. Wind energy farms are noisy and it may spoil the view of scenario. It will produce electricity generated is depends on how strong the wind and how constancy throughout the years. Because if there is no wind, we cannot produce electricity.

From oil & gas energy, when they burn they will release carbon dioxide, which effect to clean and green goals and as well as lead to global warming.

From nuclear energy, the amount of fuel consumption for nuclear power stations is very minimum. But to build the power stations is very expensive. And to dispose radioactive waste is a dangerous and expensive.

We all of us always have choices to make on our life and also for using of energy. For developing countries, they need to burn oil & gas (fossil fuels) for their power stations, although they are leading to global warming. Because they need to catch up and maintain their standard of living.

But in our daily life we need more and more energy every day by day. But producing carbon dioxide from power stations is causing serious damage to our climate. Some will suggest that less energy producing can maintain a good for global warming and for our standard of living.

Today on our world we all are surrounded by many new technology and continues innovation. But electricity is one of the greatest inventions in technology from mankind. Electricity is become part of our daily life and we cannot live in the world without electricity.

Electricity is very essential and part of our life, such as homes & industries. Almost every devices at our homes, businesses and industries are running with electricity.

If we can supply electricity without fail in country, country will be develop more faster and all the investor will come to the country.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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We need electricity for live.