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We have to survive in our life and we need to eat every day. Some people were very lucky and they can eat whatever they like to eat. Wherever they want to go they can go. But some are not. They have to straggle and they cannot eat what they like and they have to stay where they don’t like. They have to do what they don’t like to do.

Most of us like to eat proper meal at table and spend time together with our loves one. But normally we are rushing for time and we have not enough time for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with our own family.

We normally eat at the shop for thee fast foods to catch our time for work. Sometime even we have to eat while we are walking or driving.

For our lunch also we have to eat at the nearest shop and just grape something we can prefer to eat to full our stomach. Because we have not enough time to cook at home for the lunch for the next day. Same time we have no one to pack for us or we don’t want to carry our lunch box to work. Because of our work condition or location was effect to us.

Most of the develop country almost everywhere they provide us rubbish bin to collect all kind of waste. Nowadays they collect three types of rubbish, they are paper, and can and bottle and waste to collect to standardize the waste to manage.

So that when we recycle our waste easier to manage. But some of us does not care and they just throw anywhere they like.

As I said above, don’t have enough time for ourselves and we start to don’t care anything and anyhow we apply in our daily life. Some of us are well concern and they appreciate everything that surrounding us. But some of us does not care and they just throw anyhow. Even sometime they just throw everywhere.

Throwing garbage anywhere is creates a mess and our environments become un-healthy to us. And also it created for someone to do dirty job, which is each one of us don’t like to do. It is also our neighbor place become unpleasant for whoever staying around. Hungry animals will lurk around to feed themselves and rubbish will become more mess up.

We need to manage our waste at everywhere and we ourselves must discipline. We should not throw anyhow and anywhere. To implement and trains this we should start from our home and secondly we should start from early childhood education up to gratitude from university.

All the management also need to take serious action for this issue and should start to knowledge everyone through every kind of resources. Our government should have bigger plan for waste management system for the city and as well as to educate our people.

For sure no one want to keep garbage or unwanted items at their home and everyone love clean and healthy environment.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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