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After my imagining about other planted, UFO and Alien with our earth, we have need to come back to ourselves to survive our daily life. Our brain and thinking power cannot develop without ourselves set free. UFO and Alien are real but it won’t affect us up to today. If they are much better than us they shall not bully us.

When we staying alive on this earth we have to breathe, eat, need to wear and place to stay. Firstly we need to eat for our day, secondly we need to cover our body. After we have solve this two problems we have find a place to stay. But we human are always guilty all the time.

We human eat for stomach to full and not stopping eating and follow our temptation and fulfill our desire most of the time. This is our human-being normally use to do. But the problem is we cannot eat for the next day or previous days in our life. We just only can eat for only our stomach full. We cannot eat for other people.

But we still guilty for next meal and also think for other people who we love. It is look like good and normal thing in family life but in spiritual life we become guilty or count as it is. In our life we have to balance ourselves to communicate with people. As long as we don't harm only people and disturb.

When we are staying in our daily life we have to comparative and up to date with the world today. We always teach our self and kids we have to open our heart to learn day by day all the time. But for our spiritual life, we need to share and deny ourselves and put our awareness not to be self-centre and concern for other as well.

Each of us are straggling for our meal for ever time and even we think of what we will going eat, what kind of taste we want and how to eat this meal and where and who to eat together. But for many of other who don’t have food for each of them and starving every day and hunting for food.

Those who are eating at hotel or restaurant, most of them they cannot finished their foods. Because some are showing off and some are shame to eat like hunger. The price are also most of us are even we can’t imagining to effort. It can be well spend for a few month for us. Very sad thing was they throw away after they have finished and waste it.

But it is for control hygiene and maintain their foods standards to maintain their brand. But we forget to control or wastage for our foods.

In japan they are teaching their kids to not to waste foods all the time and before their meals they need to think process of foods and thanks to all the benefactors.

I think this is one of the good practice for each one of us and we should practice too.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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Food, shelter, clothes, clean water, clean air - basic necessities.


yes, some even don't have basic need.

Our need to good health for eating


eat anyhow also can lead to poor health.