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In our world we are staying by generation by generation. Normally we stay three different generation. At our ancient time they stay five to six generation together and they live more lounger life than today. While we are staying we have been passed down all the message, culture and tradition through our ancientor.

When we were young we always listened about wonder of the world and heroes. We used to listen all the story about taking trees around us and helping us. And also they told the story about animals that can communicate with human beings. Because of human guiltiness and sinfulness they become hate us and they don’t communicate human anymore.

And also when ancient civilizations, they have so many wonders. They can created flying object and weapons. All the heroes have special weapon and they can do wonder thing. Most of their swords are very special and very good and strong. But the problem is all their weapon is disappear most of them.

Ancient civilizations machine mechanism are very awesome and some of the mechanisms are no one can puzzle. Where do they get knowledge to build such a brilliant idea and secret killing machine appear from nowhere. The best part is they don’t left for us any blue-print and they kept their treasure safe and sound.

The other question is why they treasure and keep until like that. Why they are not sharing their knowledge and passed down to newer generation? Today when we discover all kind of secret place, we have difficult to access into the place and we cannot get all the knowledge that they have it.

Some of ancient civilizations are under water and ground and we even do not know where it is and how to visit them. Some of the building that they have build are also we cannot imagining and measure with today modern technology. Where do they get all this technology beyond our technology? They become mystery for us today.

Ancient Pyramids are around the world and the shape and design are more or less they are similar. When their time, their networking are not like us today and how they have connect each other and their engineering structure was similar. Where do they learned same engineering and how did they travel at their time?

The Great Pyramid of Giza is until we cannot solve and modern Science predict that all the pyramids must have connection for good and there must have something what we cannot imagining. And also they predict that they must be built before global flood and our world history restart after global flood.

In our history book some of the book are not popular due to poor management to keep and some are still finding prove until today. For example the book of Enoch was should be before the global flood and no one can be trace back. So this book become like story book to us and even in the bible they did not include in the list, although Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah.

Why we are lost connection with ancient civilizations and do we need to create time machine to go back to their time and get something for our future generations.

Or our future generation can be created time machines and connected to the beginning of the world.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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Yes and good , our lived in time and life.


tthank you sis, see you around.

Time exist so that everything don't happen the same time. Going back in time. Hmmm


we cannot control the time. but only can manage.