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In our life we need to have proper place to live for our daily life. Basically we need shelter to protect from local weather and environment. For us today we are bless and get proper place to live, but some of us they don’t have chance to stay with basic structure. But this type of case is everywhere around the world.

Basically we need proper place to lay down our back to rest for a day. In our country, Myanmar, people are start to migrate village to city and those people need shelter to live. If they have regular income, they can effort to rent a room or apartment. If not they have to share with some other to stay together for the shelter.

This is our basic need for human and as well as animals. But for our human being, after we get save shelter, we upgrade to stay better or even more try to own a place of land and start to build proper place to stay. But in our country to own a place to stay is not easy as last time. On the other hand, people make use of demand and they build home shelter to provide shelter and generate moneys.

Mostly at big city at our country Myanmar, they have good opportunity to get better life, such as education and job to earn more income. So people start to migrate to better place, because of demand the land are increase price and renting price as well.

For male, they are much easier to survive, because their basic need are not very complicated compare to female. For female they need more proper place to protect themselves.

If not for them the place is become dangerous. Firstly we need shelter, secondly we need room, thirdly we need proper place to eat and cook.

The most importance thing is we need to dispose our waste properly. I try to mean is clean toilets. We need clean toilet for our daily life because we eat every day and we dispose. Without clean toilet we cannot get clean environment and good place to stay. In our country some of the place they don’t have toilet and just they settle everywhere anytime.

Even on long journey travelling, along the Highway our government cannot provide good resting point to settle down urgent need for dispose. It is very dangerous for all the road user and especially female to settle down middle of nowhere without personal privacy.

At any of place on earth, we can measure the place of hygiene by looking at toilet. We can see how people stay at their place. We should aware that this is part of our life and maintain our toilet clean without bad smell. No one like bad smell and dirty. But to do this most of us don’t like to do. So we should do regularly before getting worse.

Everyone should responsible for our personal hygiene and our own dispose of our waste. If we are thinking that someone will do for us or just let it be, the person will be most shameful person on the world.

We know our mind and thinking.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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good writing ပါ brother.