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At our country in Myanmar we normally drink normal water, from wells, rain water and river and streams water. Nowadays we build so many dam for storing water for farm, drinking and hydro power to get electric city.

Although our country have so many resource to get water form natural resource, but to purify the standard are still far away for the public. To supply the standard water to use for the public is not an easy and also not small amount to spend for the government.

Because of from well water and some of the streams water are so many calcium contain in water, we should boil before we used it for daily life. If not, we all can be suffer from deposited of calcium effect in our body and form lithalsas. Especially at our kidney and we will get suffer from kidney failure. And other blockages will occur in our body.

Many of place in our country, we normally get water from rain water to store at lake and we only use for drinking water and cooking. For shower we get from wells because the water is really cannot drink and cook.

To treat all the water to become good is possible but for the whole country it may not easy as we plan. But this is importance for every one of us.

Today in our country Myanmar has become popular to use drinking water from the supplier. All the company attract customers for Drinking Water and brand but we do not know how much they are offering quality water are up to standard or they are really safe enough to drink is we are not sure.

Now our country have most of the place affected by flooding everywhere and it will be leading to become more poor quality water will around us.

And also because of poor quality of water up to 80% of illnesses develop around us and we will become shorter life spend.

To get clean drinking water we should do adequate treatment for our water and we need to share each other that how importance to get clean water and our government need to look into it for this issue.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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good quality water.


thank you sister