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In our daily life one thing we every time use and we always needs is Road. Roads provide us to access around the corner and reducing the distance between location to location, people to people, to markets and to provide services and to get knowledge.

Roads are very importance to contribution for economic development and to grow our social benefits.

Roads are very importance in order to make all the nation to grow and develop. Roads network are providing us to access for employment, social, health issue and education services makes us easier for our daily life. So in every nation, road infrastructure is one of the most important assets for everyone.

Most of our Roads are made by engineer's designing and should have plan properly for our needs. We should have enough construction equipment to use for and must apply correct material for the different area of our soil.

In our country there is two different type of concrete roads and asphalt roads. The purpose for all the roads are generally same but might have some different.

For concrete roads, it will provide us longer durability and less maintenance requirements than asphalt. But Concrete roads are generally costs more than asphalt road, because we need a thicker pavement and materials for reinforcement.

Asphalt pavement is flexible than concrete roads, it can be better for some situations. For example, the road that is made by asphalt is a better running surface than a concrete road.

At summer hot climate, asphalt can liquefies and can become stickier and melt. At the time when heavy vehicles using the roads it can deform the asphalt. Over time, asphalt can be loses flexibility and damage the road, but asphalt pavement is cheaper to replace than concrete.

The road coverage in our country (Myanmar) is still insufficient, we do exist road everywhere but they are either in poor condition or are totally cannot be use especially during the rainy season.

Especially those in remote areas they still have difficulties for transporting and for travel from one point to another they can’t access and they are catching up on new developments.

Over the past few years our government has made significant efforts to improve the roads for nation-wide and situation is increased amounts of sector of roads and quality.

We should constructed as much as the roads need to be, our country should put some money in to constructing the roads, because it can help us to improve our education and health system.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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your writing is good and right


thank you for your support my sister.

ခုဆိုေနရာတကာမွာ လမ္းေတြခင္းေနၾကပါပီ


yes, we need more road everywhere.