We Need Education For Everyone....

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We all know some of us in this world, they hate school and they avoid the school although they can get into the school. The government need to cares for people to get education for every one so that reason why we need to be to get all the people education and life skills.

Kids should learn more about life, math, English, science and skill for life hacks that we can use in our life for survive. And we should provide them to get to know their passion and get the big picture for the foundation, so that they can peruse there dream job in their life because of education.

Some people will say, we don't need an education to their live because we can live with our parents and when they die there money will become ours, if not we still can also go on the sides of roads and beg for money this is why we don’t need an education to live in our life in this world. And also we are going to die anyway in our life.

Actually we need education because most of us want to get a good job for good life, and also most people do not want to be straggle for their life because of without knowledge. With education, we can have many choice to get into a good college, meet new friends and wider networking.

So that it may allow us to get a well-paying job in our life. Everyone don’t like to do dirty job for living in our life, and for our whole life with getting paid by minimum wage. So that we can proves that we do need education for our life, like or don’t like, we need at least something for our life.

In the world history we humans always need to learn new things, if not we would not survive. We need to learn all the time for, how to live and survive in this world where we need money is become everything today.

At least we should need learn for basic knowledge that could save lives. Education can help us to become more independent in our life and we could have more adventures and meet with more people to get bigger network. We use our brain every day and train to become smarter to improve our emotional, spiritual, social skill and even physical health.

Everyone should start thinking about why education is so important in our life, because education is gain the knowledge. Education gives us a knowledge, to know what is happening of the world around us and if we have knowledge, we can changes it into something better.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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I get, good and knowledge your writing. Thanks bro.


thank you sis... i love your writing too.

Good topic. Education is a life-long process. We learn until the day we die. Sometimes we learn today that what we learn yesterday was wrong. To me, the most important aspect of education, it make us think what is right, what is wrong; what is true what is false.


yes, education guide us to know what is truth. but we must balance ourselves with our heart and brain.

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