Water Will Cause WWIII

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For water resources of Myanmar, we have ten principal river flowing on our land. For our county compare to other, we have most Surface water resources in the world. Mostly our water utilization is for agricultural sector and use for more than 80 percent and industry and domestic use is only about 10 percent of the total water use.

Our water resources in Myanmar is quite substantial. We are increasing population and there is also increasing pressure on need of water to use of surface water and extraction of groundwater. For safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are still very low in the country compared to the global status.

In our country we have a few projects are being implemented for safe drinking water by our government by last 50 years ago and our water supply covering area is only 0.25. It is last 50 years ago and at the time population was lesser than today.

At the time our country has so many forest and weather is not so bad them today. After our people sell all the trees to China we only left with all the bushes on the mountain. When rain start to fall, flooding everywhere and cannot control water from the higher land lower land.

It will be leading to become more poor quality water, because of this flood water will contain with every kind of chemicals and many types of bacteria. Forest in the watershed areas also importance to us, but we don’t have forest anymore and we cannot build the forest even we plant the trees back on the mountains.

Technology options in water treatment have many system to get safe drinking water, they are Domestic water treatment, Industrial water and wastewater treatment and Desalination (to treat sea water to drinkable water). But we have to revise our water resource management to improve our activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing.

Water is an essential resource for all life on our planet. One of the biggest concerns for our country to get everyone safe drinking water in the future. And also we should plan for sustainability to supply everyone needs future.

Third World War (WW3) will form because of every one need water and the eradication of poverty and hunger. specially needy of water around the world.

Our country and our people need to improve for human health and welfare for everyone who are staying at our lands. This will be each and every one must set as the primary responsibility to act.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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my english skill not really good , but I read your writing .very good post.


thanks for your support.

Nowadays, technology is so advanced. I don't think water will cause WWIII.


if not happen, good for every one.