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When we are staying alive what is the purpose of living in this world? Until Today modern Science will tell us that it is impossible for the earth cannot be "Hollow". And also most of us hear that human beings was came from a monkey and there are no such things as UFO.

Last time in the Christen history was that the earth was flat. And human being found out that our earth is round and realize that in the Bible declared the earth was round long before there was science and church or become bible. The Bible has always remained true, because of we interpreted wrongly or lack of knowledge to interpret properly.

Admiral Byrd as an American naval officer and explorer and he received the Medal of Honour in 1926 for flying to the North Pole and number of researchers and wrote a book called, “World beyond the poles" and “secret diary”.

He has discover and reach to another place beyond this world.

He wrote that he has been to another world and can see animals, so many creature and like human being as well. Their flight was totally cannot control and all the control done by other and they have landed at the place. They manage to talk to a few person and bring him to as known as their “Master.”

This his experience was cannot public because he was military man and he has to stay silent, but before he died he wrote the book and deliver the “Master” message to the world. And also people talk bout at the North Pole the found a huge hole leading directly to the centre of the Earth they predict that there can be another world hidden inside. It can link to Byrd experiences.

And also on our earth about 70 percent on earth was cover by water and most of underwater world we do not manage to discover or we do not have technology to conquer the place yet. We only survey about 6 percent of the area of underground water and we found so many other type of creature.

We have recorded that we have reached to maximum depth of about 10,911 metres and located at Located in the western Pacific Ocean. Actually the very bottom of the deepest sea is can be 20,000 feet and we only can reached to half of it. Undersea mountain ranges are so many and we don’t have enough to resource to explore.

So in this world we don’t even have enough power and knowledge to explore our own place and get to know who we are and what we are doing on earth. It cannot be born for die and suffer during in our life time on this earth.

We do not know so many thing and why we are acting like we know most of the thing. Until today no one can master everything and wise men admit that too much knowledge is fool.

When we are following science and technology, before we know everything we will surely die. Our brain and body are not design to do all this and it will be unlock after we get to know who we are.

According to world history there is always God and who was helping us and loving us. So we should start our step to God and start seeking His mercy day by day towards Him.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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good ,bro. I write your post.

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nice topic @patricksanlin...i like it.