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On earth every country have implement their own law, and almost everything we have to set to do the law because it’s to govern easier. Even we need to set the rules for games, all the social clubs, every type of sports, school for learning and workplace. To setting the rules is, important role for us to know, what we should and should not do.

We set the rules to guide us, however, some rules are made by the state or the courts government are called "laws". Laws are also need to be place in our life because they are design for controlling or alter people behavior. So laws are become need to enforce Our Society.

It has to be enforce by the courts; through law and justice. No one should above the law. If anyone break a law, whether you like that law or not, justice should be place be forced to pay a fine, pay back the damages, or go to prison even death sentence.

For example, the law in Singapore for driving, we must drive vehicles on the left-hand side of a two-way street. If someone come from USA or Canada, their county’s rule for driving is must drive vehicles on the right-hand side. But the person must not apply their country rule (drive at right-hand side) while they are driving vehicle in Singapore.

If people were allowed to apply their own rule at anywhere it can be dangerous for everyone. Laws and regulating also need to apply our business affairs. It will help us to ensure that people to keep their promises. Laws and regulation should help us to protect us and our personal property, our lives.

For example, two people claim that they owned the same piece of property, we cannot judge who paid more or who buy from who. We must we turn to the law and institutions department like the courts to decide, who is the real owner for the piece of land and to make sure that the real owner's rights are respected. But some of the country, they can paid to judge for under table money and who will pay more, who will win the case.

But we always expect even more from our law to protect us and support us. Some of the countries they always give priority to their citizens and they will apply slidely heavier law to foreigner. But it will be fine line that we cannot see clearly. They treat foreigner as their instrument and they make use of it. Because their citizens always can demand on their government and government listen to public voice.

But on earth nothing is fair and equal. But as human all the government should apply the law and regulation for equal. All the governments should not make individual discretion, especially when based on one's opinion as their own nation, they should adjust and apply with international law and human rights.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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