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So I have to cancel my work-permit and need to quit the job from salcon. I requested my boss to give me permission to leave. So we prepare so we prepare all the paper work and air tickets to go back Myanmar. Thanks GOD that my girlfriend can follow up with new job work pass process. As for me it is first time going back to Myanmar after 8 years long staying and struggling in Singapore.

As I mention at most of my previous post about Myanmar Embassy experience and immigration experiences, I need to face by myself. Fortunately one of my friend requested me to bring some items to Myanmar, he take responsible for all my cargo and his as well. When I arrived to Yangon International airport, one lady approached me before immigration counter and took my passport and documents and asked me to follow her to the immigration counter and custom counter to do necessary exit process.

Everything went very smooth without disturbing from all the officer and I feel like I am VIP. After passed the custom, the items owner appear and ask me seriously. To be honest I did not know what is inside and how much it value. I pass the item to the owner and everything was over. I didn’t charge any single fees but they gave me this custom and immigration clearance service. Now I think back it was very risky that the item can be lost by third party because I did not know who exactly is the owner and the value of the item.

After all these I saw my aunt and my later uncle (Priest) are waiting for me at the exit gate. My aunt was crying because of so happy that I come back safely. At that time I can’t follow to my aunt place because she staying at the government dormitory. So I followed my uncle’s house and stay there for a few days. First night was so uncomfortable. Firstly I need to sleep with mosquito net and was very hot. At morning a lot of noise from street seller. Then I realize that I am in Myanmar.

I brought 2 bottles of vodka from Singapore duty free and open all the bottles at my Uncle’s house. Actually they are whiskey lover. But they still love the taste of vodka. After 2 days, I prepare to go back to my native town which is 7 hours drive from Yangon. Everything was not change but only people are getting older. A lot of my friends come and find me and asked me to treat them. Some even asked me to pay for their depth which is really uncomfortable for me. Some invite me to drink together with them but I avoid so that they were very angry at me and wanted to fight with me.

All my cousins are already grown up to teenage and they love me as usual. And they want to accompany me all the time wherever I go. They wanted me to stay together with them and they don’t want me to go anywhere.


I am very disappointed and tried to hide from them. I visited all my teachers and class mate. I had one dinner with all my class mate which was quite memorable for me. At that time in our country, only extreme rich people can effort to use hand phone. So, I didn’t have mobile hand phone. Once I step out from the house, no body know where am I and what time I will come back which is full of freedom.

But my girlfriend always update me with the process of my employment pass through nearest land line phone. About 2 weeks later my application was approved and the employer want me to report to office. So, I plan to come back to Singapore again. I inform my mum that I already have girlfriend and I am planning to marry her.

As for me to go back Singapore, I feel very sad because of I need to go again without knowing how long more years to stay again with far apart from my family and relatives. Another one thing, I am happy that I can see my girlfriend again.


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