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Continue From "Married to Aliens one day...."

May be Aliean are not from different planted and also they are one of the creature on earth and they are not staying on the land and may be they staying at underwater world. And they cannot be found on land and they must use underwater resources that we do not know and their technology was much better than us.

They are like some of the fish around us and they can breathe on the open land and can survive as well. May be under the water they can stay at very deep zone and they can take high pressure and survive and they might also have thinking power like human being.

May be they have been migrate from the land to underwater to avoid decay world and they life spend time must be century and they have chance to share their knowledge to new generation and their technology is better than us.

They must also have different form of shape and language but they must also have common language and they are living in peace.

Because of underwater world the density and pressure are more larger than open land and they need to develop their design to break through water pressure and density to get their ship and get more speed a bit by a bit.

When they fly on outer space their flying object are more become their movement and speed are farster than us today.

May be Aliean need to break through all this first and that it why their ship are become better at open air on the land. And they no need oxygen level like us and can resist more pressure than our human being so that they become much way better than us today.

If not they might fight each other like us and chasing for power to conquer the planted. They must love each and they must have same goal to achieve. If our wold also count as one we can be achieve to explore our planted.

But for us we don’t share what we know and we keep ourselves and try to selfish and running our own.
If we combine our technology and knowledge around the world and we can develop our science, health and resource to become our world much better than now. But this is also imagining and it won’t be happen so easy.

Everyone say world peace, but everyone make use of the goals to benefit ourselves around the world.
Why we cannot be together as one nation one earth to become united. So that we can be work together for our human race around the world.

And to discover out earth together to gain knowledge together, fight together for the all kind of sickness and sharing technology and can do research around the world, under the ground and above the air.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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You are letting your imagine run wild. I think you watched too many sci-fi movies. haha...
Stick with the things you know, buddy - the things you can feel, see, touch and connect with.
Peace, and Cheers!


just writing for something that can imaging the story . nothing serious. but it also can be done...

good ပါ bro