Married to Aliens one day....

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In our life some are sacrifice for what they believe and even they can die for the truth and believe. But as I said previous post, all this UFO issue and story is why mostly in USA area. There is so many stories and books nowadays. Now even they have called UFO hunter around the world. Another one thing was they cannot prove what they saw, so it’s become mysteries.

It has been the stories around the wold at around Second World War and even some are Russia, Australia and Mexico. Those countries also seal the news and the news become not popular. The problem of this issue of UFO is are they really exist around us and are they friendly or enemy?

Mac Brazel's Roswell confessed about UFO space ship was crash and landed on his property at (New Mexico. USA )and a few hours later government was confiscated his property and collected every single thing and bring back to area 51. It was happened on 1947 July 2nd and the story become confiscated news. Some of the people are still alive and they start to confess that what is happened and they saw.

lazar Robert worked on reverse engineering technology at Area 51. He became a double-edged sword of UFO information and he lost his personal biography and no one can trace him. He told that from UFO vehicles, US have gain extraordinary technological breakthroughs. And he share about ongoing research on an "anti-gravity reactor" and many stores.

Year 2011, the person called Gary McKinnon who want to know about UFO and he become hacker and hacked US secret places and hit biggest military computer hack of all time and also confessed about UFO, when he was hacking NASA websites and found images of what looked like spaceships.

The problem is why only at US? Why not Russia and many more place on earth. Why all the so called funny news is always start from this country? Are they really working with Alien and they get Aliean technology and they are become strongest country in the world?

Are they going to help human being to developed our earth and share their knowledge with us. if let say they want to attack us, it will be very easy for them. Because their technology was way much better than us they can conquer any time. For this story is similar to movie called “Independence Day” at year 1996 and the story was worldwide attack by an extra-terrestrial race of unknown origin.

The imagining of the scenario was the Aliean was somewhere around the earth and they are mixing up with our human being and produce mix Aliean race and become not pure human and the story will become similar with Enoch and Norah story before the global flood and the world will beginning with another cycle again.

This time the world will fight back and become global fire at end of the earth and most of us will die and a few chosen people continue with our new earth. This imagining of the scenario will also can be link to religious order of end of the day and continue with new cycle of earth.

This is just imagining and we cannot say it will happen or may not happen. But for sure is we have to die one day. Before we die what are we going to do and what we want to be in this life.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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good done ပါ bro


thank you sis.

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My English is not too good but I read as much as I can.


thank you for your support.

There is a two part youtube that talked about the Fermi Paradox


Actually we are not alone. yet we must know who we are and living for.