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In our life everyone have their owned hobby, hobby is different from interest. Hobby is make ourselves happier or enjoying our life.

Some people are very lucky in their life because they can become rich because of doing their hobby. But some people don’t have opportunity to do hobby in their life. Some people in their life they do not know what is their hobby.

My last post I was talking about interest in our life, but it was different with hobby. We people should enjoy with our hobby to do in our life to release our stress or tension from our daily life. When you are doing your hobby, you can forget everything during the time and you get freshness of your mind to face our chllgen.

To get to know your friends or colleague, we should study their interest and hobby. So that we always have same topic to talk about and to get closer to each other. We can share our knowledge at the same time and always have something to talk about. Sometime hobby is very specific and to get into other people hobby was not an easy task.

To get into other people hobby is does not mean to change our own hobby. Learn to know what is all about other people hobby and start to find to get starting point to get the fist a few words to get the person attention. We cannot approach like we are in the same hobby, it can turn you up different direction and end up you can even lost everything.

Sometime to do our hobby is not an easy because we need to spend our own money to do. Most of the hobby are expensive and need extra time to do. Some of the hobby can earn money for ourselves and get benefit to other as well.

Some of the hobby can be addicted and dangerous. And also this kind of people are very difficult to approach and communicate. For this kind of people, we should avoid in our life not to get addicted like them. But sometime we can’t be avoid in our daily life and we need to be together and communicate.

For this kind of situation, we should find out their interest and get to know more about them and start to get conversation with them and share your hobby or interest. To do our daily life in work, we always meet different kind of people. They are not your problem and we also not their problem. We cannot be fulfil everyone wish and they also cannot fulfil us as well.

Some can be a good friend but they cannot be good colleagues. And also some can be good colleagues but they cannot be good friend of us. Some can be booth good friend and colleagues and be ready to be like them to help each other.

We can make use of them as your instrument to make everyone success but we cannot use as steeping stone.

We also let allow other to make use of us to other people success and get ourselves enjoy with how other people are happy in their life.

To Be Continue.....

GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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I want to be a Billionaire.But, I want to be more happy. Same to you.

sometime happy need to buy with money.

your life is happy and amply

if yourself make it empty , happy will slowly fill up.

Hobbies whether paid or unpaid can pleased us....so to make your life beautiful let's fulfill our hobbies...your blog are always interesting

thank you for supporting me. we can choose our hobby depend on our limit.

It's my pleasure...hope that you will support my writings...

i will, see you around.

Thank @patricksanlin.....i wanna to learn from you as your articles are always great...so can i approach you by Instagram or discord????

I like reading .That is not expensive and also valuable.

not all the hobby are expensive. but you are doing the best hobby.

Great Bro!!!

thank you brother. see you...