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Everybody on the earth we need water to drink every single days. Firstly we need to drink every hours and also we need water to cook and wash ourselves and clothes. On earth we have plenty of water, our earth is 70 percent is cover but mostly we cannot use for our daily life.

On our earth we have so many layer and under our earth also we have water for us to use. Some who live at dry land they need to dig underground to get water for them to survive. But unfortunately some people place are not develop and they are straggling to get water.

They need water for cooking and to get water they need to travel more than one day. They only can use water for drinking and cooking for a few month. They cannot wash themselves and even cannot wash their face. They need water for everyday use and hunting for water.

And another thing nowadays we use to talk global warming and also to get water more difficult for us. Rivers and wells are drying, need help from each one of us. This problem is increase day by day and they are suffering for the water and seeking help.

This is just normal water for normal usage, but we are not talking about standard water to use like us, what we are using every day. Most of develop country have not very big issue for them but those poor countries are suffering to get water for firstly standard water and seriously at dry weather they even don’t have water for daily use.

Normally average water usage for one person for a day is around 150 litres of water per day but we should control our usage for our daily life. Some people to get 5 litres per day is so difficult for them and we should minimize our daily usage. It is also good for us to reduce our utility bill.

In Singapore last time they don’t have enough using water for their population so they need to get supply water from Malaysia until today. They research for water technology and they are investing for their nation.

Today they have new water called recycle from wastewater and some more they become master of water in the world.

We also should like that to need to learn from them, the way prioritize their needs for the country. We human need water for living and without water we will not survive. This is our human need and some of the place on earth they are really struggling to get water.

But in many of place on earth they don’t have chance to use standard water for them to use.

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GO WELL....(By: PatrickSanLin. MSC 007)

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About 75% of our body is Water.
So, we need water.


yes, without water we will die soon.

right writing ပါ


see you around.

I was needed more.


i will continue with more story about water.