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In our generation stress and its related effects has proven to be a very fatal force against the human life. Since the factors that may be channels of stress are increasing everyday, human life lies at stack until we manage to deal

Allow me to define to you the dictionary meanings of the words “stress and depression”

Stress- Emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animals

Depression- (1) A state of mind producing serious long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. (2) A period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide.

From these definitions, we can see that “stress” is just an event where our emotions will be responding to a negative force, whether physical, psychological, medical etc. and “depression” is a long-term effect of that. It therefore means that if you give stress a room in your soul, it becomes the heavy force of depression and will now be at work in you for a long period. This depression will also create deadly diseases like hypertension etc. It will kill your life in many different areas i.e. health-wise, socially, economically, work, educational, family-life etc.

The main causes of stress and depression are anxiety, obsession, illness, abusive or tense living or working environment, loneliness, fear or insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of enough rest and little to no sleep. The list of the factors is very long and endless but today I’m just going to share some tips on how to get rid of stress and depression.


Someone may quickly ask, “How can I avoid worry when the unpleasant situation is there?” The most-wanted answer is, “Because worry does nothing in the problem solving equation but eats away your joy, time and hope.” Most times you will discover that worry keeps you busy building facts of impossibilities whereas you will be eating the time of solution-building.
This is because worry says that “there is nothing you can do about it”. But the day you shall stop worrying, you will see that some things that were messing your head with worry are just easy stuff to deal with.

HAVE quality TIME to REST and SLEEP

A tired mind is just an easy prey for depression. During the time you will be resting, your brain and nerves gets into a relaxed mode and are refreshed, repaired and offloaded of the stress hanging on them. This is a necessary everyday process because you need to start your day with a brain and nervous system that is strong enough to bear any pressure that the day may bring.

SURROUND yourself WITH positive PEOPLE

Being surrounded by people who are just negative towards things and towards you will also be a very open daily door for stress to haunt you because their negativity will fill your mind and out-number the things that may bring you joy.

GET rid OF loneliness…don’t be alone

Stressful thoughts mainly affect you when you are alone. Try to keep company with a positive set of people. That good social circle will boost up your morale and help you to come up with solutions to some things that have the potential to stress you.


Some people haven’t discovered how these things will affect you emotionally. If you listen to music that will be about sorrows and heartbreak everytime, you will end up bearing those effects even though you may not be in the same scenarios. You will begin by imagining how you would feel if you were in that situation described in the song and before you know it, you are already stressed as if you are in the same situation.

I remember that I had a high-school classmate who would cry when listening to some songs about heart-breaks in love-relationships though he was not in love at that time. He was literally affected by the songs and he experienced the effects he was supposed to be free at.

Have you also studied why little children will be afraid to go to bed after watching horror movies? They can’t even stand you switching off the light or going outside the house. You can even hear them knocking at your door asking to come and sleep in your bedroom saying that those horror characters are in their rooms. They can even have very bad nightmares about it. As a grown-up, the effects might not be really the same but they will be there because those things will end up shaping who you are. I once heard of a lady who was so much into horror movies who ended up wanting to sleep in a coffin.

Be aware of what you listen to and what you watch


After a stressing day, try to catch up some fun. Be with your friends or family and do the things you enjoy or like the most. Don’t live an over-serious life… catching some fun is good for your well-being. The nervous system is relaxed and the endorphins hormones are released to heal your damaged nerves.

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The stress tips you gave us are helpful. Thanks for the advice.

You are welcome bro

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