I'm Back!

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I'm Back!


So I haven't been posting for 6 months, some of my regular readers and friends might have noticed. I believe that the long period even made me lose some of the readers. Guess what though!? I'm back! and I even wrote one post already!

It's been a really long time, must say I kinda missed it... Steemit, blogging, writing, the readers, the comments and the friends. The last post I wrote gave me a little reminder of how those things feel. The main thing I was missing though is simply writing or working on something, letting my thoughts flow. It's amazing how much you can learn from simply writing what's stuck in your head. It's more amazing how much it can help other people!

You must be asking yourself: "Lion... why did you stop writing?"

Though my posts are usually pretty long and might get really psychological or philosophical, I think they are decent and people are reacting well to them. My blog grew pretty fast and I stopped writing around my 1000 followers (though this number says nothing). Why would I stop?
Truth be told It didn't just happen in an instant, my post-production slowed down gradually until I totally stopped.
Around that time too many things were happening in all aspects of my life, the main one was my involvement in a startup company which took a lot of my time and energy. For me, writing is not as simple as it looks and it might take a lot of time, most of the time I just sit with a blank look on my face and getting distracted by my ADHD. Things kept adding up and It became hard to find the will to write so before you stand up and scream "Excuses!", ye I know... life is all about priorities and if something is important enough to you then you should do it and not something else. I had to choose, I'm known as someone who tries to do many things at once and as a result, some of them might not work as well as I wish them to.

"You couldn't find time to write? even once in a while?"

Of course, I could! but I didn't think that making a post once a month or two is enough and even if I would find the time I felt like I lost the momentum. I feel like most things in life go well when you persist and surf the momentum and sometimes I wonder where would the blog be and what would I write/do if I kept posting.

"Why did you decide to come back? What changed?"

I still have all my obligations (most of them to myself) and new things seem to pop into my life every time I think that the water is quiet. But mentally and emotionally I'm much calmer and present and suddenly those things seem to consume less energy than they used to. Maybe it's the meditations and books that made a switch flip in my head. People kept asking me about my blog and why I stopped, they urged me to continue but the trigger point was really when a certain amazing person (😉) nagged and pushed me to finish a post I wanted to do. Never underestimate your power and the power of your environment to change other people lives.

"So new post every day?"

Wow... wait! not yet, I still have to be realistic about how much time and energy I can put into this. I believe that a post once a week or two is a realistic goal for me now. I will try to have some thinking and writing time scheduled and natured as a habit. As Robin Sharma said: "Your habits are driving your performance. Your rituals are creating your results".

I don't have much to elaborate on the subject, tried to keep the post short and nice. Go check the last post about my microdosing experience. I'm always happy to answer your questions in the comments and read your suggestions for new posts. There's only one thing left to say:

I'm Happy To Be Back!

🙂Thank you for reading!🙂


Welcome to Steemit and have fun!

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here :)

yaaay im so happy you re back... hope we dont miss you for month again....

Happy to be back! Stay tuned brother :)

Good job mang, good to hear you are back around, hope to see you in the chat spaces and red your articles, much love :)

Yo yo, glad to have you back. I look forward to your posts and I hope you can find a great balance with all the things youre juggling. Peace brotha.

I will, thank you brother :D

Glad to have you back. I can relate to being motivated to finish a post I'd long planned to write. My last post sat in my head until I plopped myself down and got it done.

I'll bet it seems hard at the start, but once you get going, it all begins to come together. Cheers!

Welcome back Lion! It's good to take breaks and re-arrange priorities a bit. After all, life is not linear or predictable, no matter how we try to schedule everything. I'm just glad you returned and have set some realistic goals. See ya in your next post! Peace ✌😊✨

Stacey! :D
Happy to be back with you all, thank you :P

Welcome back! Following.

Welcome back

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Welcome back dude!!

Welcome back to Steem. You have a great head on your shoulders and give to to us straight and I respect that.

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