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Greetings and Salutations on this dawn of a new day! We have the blessed gift of having another 365 days to fill with our story. There are so many that did not make it to this point and time and we should remember them with love and fondness. I gave up making new year's resolutions many years ago, but it is absolutely imperative to set goals if you want to be successful.


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In my youth, my goals generally centered around materialistic accomplishments and my narrow comprehension of what "success" entailed. As I have grown older, and hopefully, I try to concentrate on more rewarding pursuits, such as contentment and spiritual understanding. I strive to be the person I longed to be when I was a mere child, innocent, full of faith and hope. I really, really just want to try to be a better man this year than I was last year.

I hope to grow into someone I would be proud of if I passed "me" on the street. I want my surroundings to be enlightened and improved by my presence rather than tarnished and diminished by my actions. I long to grow spiritually and emotionally more this year than any previous year. I want to embrace all the good God has waiting for me and I want to bless others as I am being blessed.

I know that may seem fanciful or naive, but it is truly the desires of my heart. I want to be a better man. I long to be a better husband, friend, and co-worker. I pray to be to someone else the kind of person I needed in my darkest hour. I pray to see people as God sees them, and to love them as He does. I want to get back to the things that are truly important in life. I want to grow.

What are some of your goals for this amazing opportunity gifted to us in the form of a new year and with it new redemption?

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Hey mate, great to see someone with clearly defined goals and knowing you there'll be plans in place to attain them. You're already a better person because of your desire to be a better person so keep pushing, getting after it and owning this year!

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Goals are just dreams if you don't have a plan. I wish you all the best this year! One goal in the material realm is to definitely get to at least one combat shooting competition within the first 3 months!

Now you're talking! I say that all the time...About goals really being dreams unless there's a plan. Oh yeah, keep me informed on the shoot. I'll be heading to Victoria for the IPSC State Titles in Feb. Should be fun. Hope you're well and that you'll keep us up to date with how the goals are tracking throughout the year.

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You and I feel the same about new years resolutions, I used to think of materialistic things as well, but now set myself goals at various times of the year, the New year is a good opportunity to look back and see how your have done over the previous year and adjust your goals accordingly

Happy New Year mate and I have very similar goals to you trying to be a better person and understand God more :)

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That is awesome and goals definitely worth pursuing in my opinion. Best wishes for both of our journeys!!!

Thanks and let us have God's guiding as we move along in our journeys :)

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Howdy sir papacrusher! I love your goals for this year! May we all have such important goals, the world would be a better place!

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