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Yesterday I was surfing on the internet and found an interesting topic which I thought I should write it down on my blog.
This City surprised me a lot by its fact and the city is........
This is the city where 17,000 people signed a petition to remember the death of a CAT.
The name of the cat was TOMBILI, a social media phenomenon, and a beloved street cat of ISTANBUL.
This is the city where cat food, water, and homes are everywhere.
It's where you will see Mosques with cats inside of them and people caring for cats for over 20 years.
In other countries they have cat cafe's but in Istanbul, every cafe is a cat cafe!!
From this what we should learn is that we should judge a city, not by their old buildings or hip cafes or fancy streets
but by the way they treat their most vulnerable members- THE ANIMALS.
And in Istanbul, they are the PART of the FAMILY.
That's Istanbul, see you tomorrow.
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Image courtesy- Google.


good content bro
keep steeming

Glad you liked it.

Sach a lovely article because I'm big one cat lover. I really enjoyed this article. How cute cats are there . I should live in this city. Thank you so much .

Glad you liked it maam. Keep supporting for more.

i have also a cat

I have dogs.

Amazing. I've heard about these cats and now I think that when I go there I will look them up...

Yes really, a must visit place to gather some experience. I never visited that place though.

Happy happy cat lover. ...:D nice post

Glad that you liked it.

i also a cat lover..i want to be there

You will love it.

good work . keep it

Thanks mate.

i think you are a cat lover
this is too interesting to read there is a country who offer these facilities to animals .........

No not a cat lover but a dog lover for sure.

You have choosed a very good topic and your content and photos are also meaningful.

Thank you. I get motivated from people like you.

These cats are too cute. Do you love cats or dogs. I am a dog lover.

Hehe, I am a dog lover.

very good article, very nice city, keep it up.

Sure mate. Keep supporting.

@pankuvirat Keep posting good stuff my friend

Glad you liked it buddy and thanks for reaching my blog.

i like cats but hate cats if they stealing food from my dining table

I like cats but hate
Cats if they stealing food from
My dining table

                 - rumayani

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ya cats are jerks sometimes.

Istanbul is one of my dream destinations.Hope to tick this dream soon!

Do remember to take selfie with cats then,

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