How I Stopped Cursing!!!!!!!

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Unfortunately, I am the kinda person who curse a lot.
I wrote a nice blog but no upvotes, what the F***
He did not do it my way, what the F***
Today I am hanging out F***
F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F***
This is something I always wanted to get rid of, but could not because it's F*** hard... (Oopssss Sorry)
But Today I found a very interesting place where getting rid of it is truly possible.
Welcome to UTAH.
Utah is a place where 60% of its people are Mormon. And because people here are very RELIGIOUS, they don't drink Alcohol and even Tea or Coffee.
And they DO NOT CURSE. WHAT THE "Shhhhhhh"
So when one happens to visit the place and make friends, one will find themselves not cursing because no one will be rude or offensive there. And if you are rude or offensive, people around you will correct you.
This is the best example of how your environment influences who you become and when everyone around you tries to be better, YOU BECOME BETTER YOURSELF.
That's UTAH, see you tomorrow.
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I never stopped so here's 2 cents for you

I believe stopping completely is never possible. thanks for 2 cents mate, you have helped me in my every posts.

Thanks mate. Glad you liked it.

Really amazing

It really is.

so u seems more eager for things and short temperamented .,if utah change u than let me know too

Haha it did change.

Wow. That's very interesting. anyways it is good you have changed for the better

Thank you, ma'am.

Thannks mate.

Great post mate

Thank bhai. Follow koriba.

up voted to you and don t worry your blog will be rich moon.

Thank mate and thanks for encouraging .

Keep writing like this.. u will get successed.

Thanks for encouraging buddy.

That is the real land and the people live there is the humans.

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