In human relations, life is completely emptied

in #lifelast year

Today, I would like to publish a short article in order to shout my rebelliousness into a life where disinterested relations are over.
In human relations, life has been completely emptied. In the emptied life, relations became no different from dried leaves.


Even the route of life, which turned into a leaf like a leaf blown from right to left by the wind, was disrupted. Life turned into a train derailed.
Everything comes out, everything benefits. In interpersonal relationships where neither of these two are present, feelings are not prominent, so they are short-lived or not at all. If there is no interest or benefit, there is no interpersonal relationship. Because in the time we live, we cannot ignore it. We cannot develop friendships or relationships in forgery by presenting something that is happening as if it does not exist.
In line with these explanations;
In the world you live for your benefit,
You should not forget that the day will come when you will drown in those interests.
Interests turn into a swamp when time comes. Since you are in this swamp, it is you who will drown.
Look at learning to live a disinterested life.
It's not too late, the sooner you return, the faster you'll drain the swamp.
Life is not about what is written, but what is lived. If you look around you, you will see this from the experiences.

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