Every man's pain

in #lifelast year

They used to say that the pain of every person is as much as the pain of their heart. Who knows a little, some a lot. But I didn't know myself or anyone else. I feel like I'm going to fall right now if they touch it a little these days. It's like I'm longing for laughter. I dedicate myself to devotions while laughing. No more... I don't know why. But while I don't know this, maybe I won't be able to tell anyone and make them feel my cries in the midst of the unknown. That's why we pay the price. Because; Human beings cannot easily face what they do and experience without paying a price. Even though he says he's confronted, he's only deceiving himself. The more you deceive, the more you understand your own self, and no matter how much that self keeps itself secret, you will end up with what you hoped for, where you least expect it.


One learns a lot. Especially before dying. Dying is perhaps a small chance of salvation for a person. We must not forget that there is no compensation for dying. Not only do you say I'm dead, but you suffer more and more each day, and your heart is surrounded like a castle. It is almost impossible to be refreshed, in fact, you suddenly feel cold in a certain place. Finding peace, though it seems like his away; Just as a person cannot remove the shackles from his feet, he remains in dilemma and despair, only the heart full of pain is lost day by day.
Then only one word remains; I'm dead, remember me with my deaths.

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