Lake Urmia; Salty storm crisis, human disaster

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Lake Urmia is located in the northwest of Iran, between the two provinces of West and East Azerbaijan. During the recent years with the acceleration of its drying, this area encountered with salty storms phenomena. Salt storms vary in terms of the source of suspended particles, the chemical composition, and the size of the grains with typical storms. By definition, salt storms are a catastrophic environmental phenomenon in dry and semi-arid areas that are found in salt-rich soils of dried lakes as well as the salt soil of their coasts. In contrast to dust storms, salt storms contain high concentrations of fine salts and other toxic components that are harmful to human health. In the warm season, wind can transport these toxic substances up to 300 km to the adjacent areas. Moving suspended particles can, in addition to damage to agricultural land and contamination of the ecosystem, increase the incidence of various diseases such as respiratory, pulmonary, skin and cancers in urban and rural areas.
So far, no solution has been taken to resolve this crisis. Unfortunately, the Iranian government has failed to fulfill its promises. The Azerbaijanians hope for help from global environmental organizations.

Every day, this human tragedy becomes more evident...

I hope the Lake Urmia will be revived and hopeness return back to Azerbaijanians
Thank you to read my story

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I hope that the Lake Urmia will be revived, and the authorities will take away the nature of Iran


Oooo my god!

Thank you dear countryman for the information you provided about this beautiful lake☺ I'm also sorry for the fate of this lake! az kujaye Azerbaijan hastid duste aziz? Man az tabrizam

selam, men xoydan bura gatilmisham. sevindim