A Roaring Morning Affirmation!

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Hooked my brain to the electrodes, enjoyed the coffee, and sat down to write my daily affirmation. This is part of my morning ritual, and this morning it was on the wild side. Thought you might dig it (although it may slightly unnerve you.)

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Today I release any inhibitions on becoming great and I allow a total and wild flow of energy to take me to new insights and excellent outcomes

I am willing to become extraordinary - to do, and present, and offer new things to the world for which I am richly rewarded both internally and externally.

I allow my jungle power to surface - I skim off the wild top and share the best and frothiest advice with those within communication distance.

I welcome new energy and new connections into my life. I draw upon the deepest wells of natural energy, creativity, and intuition to develop new insights, far stronger powers, and far more effective actions.

I tap into a deeper earth power - I recognize my natural birthright as an evolved and forward thinking leader and I honor and acknowledge it.

The pursuit of excellence in single operation is what satiates me, but I also honor the pursuit of group and world excellence as my own responsibility.

By honoring and acknowledging the gifts I have been given, I create and achieve far more than I ever before thought possible.

I now expand my mind to encompass, encounter, and ken new dimensions. I twist and spiral and fractal and follow my glorious new mind, using it to its fullest ability by exploring it all as I go.

I allow the sparking diamond mind I have been given to cut through any fog, to shatter boundaries, to deeply connect with others, and to create a far better, bright world.

I am joy!

wild version of Nik hooked to electrodes.JPG

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Yes, that's an electrode. It's part of a tDCS kit I use to stimulate my brain when writing in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into the deeper crevices of my mind this morning, hope your day is going equally excellent!

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