Little Champions League

in #life6 years ago

Why I'm said Little Champions League ?
Coz this is playing football by the beach and with short filed and with a bit player.
and with the loose soil
Maybe if u see this game, make u so happy and funny
Coz they play with seriously and with a bit joke
They play with hard
so hard
All of teh player is son of the beach, a company based in the coastal
They so happy, they live life beautifully, without feeling any shortage.
They are not particularly thinking of wealth and riches. Their only son fishermen who their parents away in the morning come home night for fishing in the ocean.
The victory was not a major goal, the prize is not a very valuable for them.
They want only a game just to spend the afternoon together, joking, living the life they face during this time.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 18.32.56 (1).jpeg
They don't need a car or a motorcycle, they won't go on the streets on a highway just to show off the wealth of his parents. They will not like racers or just bring their girlfriends. This is the true and natural life to children on the edge of the beach.
The hard life they are living with their hammering finally strong mentally, they're not lackluster, not whiny and not a spoiled brat. It is possible for children who have a sufficiency in their lives will not be the soul of their squads. Their souls have been forged by the waves of the sea and the warmth of the sand of the sea.
Maybe you guys ask?
Is there an audience? Is there a cheerleader standing ovation? As I said earlier on top of this is the UEFA Champions League. Complete all the audience. Cheerleader standing ovation was so jarring.
so serously like Mourinho (lol..)
like at Stadion Santiago Benerbeu
Like Zidane i think
and this old man is the real audience
And this I s the real Champion on The world
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 18.30.04.jpeg
And the best player and top scorer ever had
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 18.30.05 (1).jpeg
I hope yaou all make understand this the real life or Little Champions League.


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