How to Start a Weight Loss Routine and Stick to it?

in #life3 years ago

Can’t start a weight loss routine and stick to it long enough? Never started with fitness program and you think it’s too late? This article is intended for people who have never worked out in their life (Or haven’t stayed on a weight loss routine for long enough). First things first, it’s never too late to start a weight loss/Fitness routine. You can start today and chances are that you’ll begin to feel the difference in a month or so. To put it this way, exercise is very forgiving. You may forget about it for years but once you get back to it, it always pays off.

An interesting study published in the Journal of the @American #Medical #Association conducted a study on 9,500 women who had been leading a sedentary lifestyle all their lives. Their average age was 66. Those #women who started with a daily mild #physical activity reduced their chances of Cancer by half and their risk of heart disease by one-third! The women were tracked down for 12 years for their risk assessment. This was a startling discovery for all health experts as it points out that no matter what age you are, even if you start with a very mild physical activity daily, its effects will start to show in the long run.

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