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Today, 18 of August 2016, I decided to devote the rest of my life to be exclusively a speaker. Obviously, that was a decision that I had already worked out in my mind a long time ago, perhaps even a long, long, long time ago.  

I am absolutely certain that in this way I can contribute a lot more to help  people  finding  their own personal mission, their  purpose in life, as I found mine.   

 I found my purpose in life and to talk about it,  is part of the essence of my personal mission.   Of course, I'll have a transition process concerning to  my other activities, they were and are important up to the present moment, they gave me the financial conditions to live a wealth life. This is the reason that  I can really devote myself to make speeches.   

I am a lawyer and law renders me a considerable amount of money monthly for my leisure activities, my ball bearing shop, that I have over 25 years pays my accounts: gasoline, household expenses etc.   The Multilevel Marketing was the third turning point in my life, it made me discover what really  my mission was in this world, I always had in my mind that my mission was to be useful to people, I learned it  with Seneca and Roriz, but I had to find a better way to be more useful in people's lives.    

When I first went to attend a meeting of multilevel marketing, I realized this industry can transform the lives of thousands of people, but what caught my attention at the meeting was not the trips, cruises, cars, because I had traveled to many countries,  by ship, plane, train, ferry, car etc, by the way I have a good car and house. 

  What caught my attention – was, when I saw the person presenting the business plan, I felt myself in his place, but not only presenting the business plan, but showing people that they can change their lives, but consciously prepared, knowing what they are doing. 

  I decided to put my personal mission in practice, through multilevel marketing, because it gave me the opportunity to conduct numerous lectures, participate in various seminars: coach courses, other related courses, etc. –I had the opportunity to train myself, to improve, to learn to teach and to improve my speaking qualities.  

 I need to demonstrate that everyone can do much more as they can think (as always said Jim Rohm), but they need also to know how to take care of themselves and not only make money – real success is when you know yourself, live in the now and build your own personal mission, this the essence of success.

  When I learned to live in the present moment (reading the book Mindfulness), my life took an unimaginable spiritual transformation, I felt that peace sprung from inside me.  

 Today I live the day, the moments - past for me is a mere reference, without ruminating about it and the future is a mere projection that I have no control of it. Tthe future does not worry me, but I can project a future, I am able to project a good  future  taking right actions from day to day.  

 What worries me is what I do now, because all I do now will reflect in the future.  

 Money we can all win, it's easy to make money, I repeat, it is easy to make money (obviously, not from overnight, it requires work, time and patience).   When you decide to work, analyzing the means to develop a good business and work professionally, money comes as a result of this good work.  

  Money does not bring spiritual peace, but it is very important to our lives, and it is through  well-earned money, earned honestly, with smart work that you can help many other people, so prosper and help others prosper. 

  Be in peace with yourself. You need to know what is your purpose in life, and why you wake and get up every day.   In my lectures I show to people that besides being able to get rich these people can also achieve spiritual peace, being free, believing more in yourself, knowing yourself, living in the present moment and knowing what is your purpose in life (personal mission ).  

 Help me to fulfill my mission - I'm counting on your help -  spread my name, OSTOM DAMASCENO, LECTURER.

 I wake up every day, HAPPY, CONSCIOUS AND PREPARED, because I know I have to fulfill my mission, It is written below.    

 A big hug and you all have a wonderful day.   

Gama - Brasília - DF, August 18, 2016 - at 8:35 am. 

Ostom Damasceno   

Curriculum vitae - Summary 

Ostom Damascene: Speaker, lawyer, entrepreneur, coach, writer (most popular book - You Can, Live Well) Post graduate in legislative law,   political adviser for more than 20 years, writing criticism and suggestions for the politician which I advised. I lived in England, the United States and  I speak fluent English. 



 Be useful to  people through motivational talks with determination and  simplicity, showing that everyone can achieve everything they want, that they can get rich, but knowing how to use the money for their own benefit and others. 

That my actions directly impact people's lives in a positive and constructive way, helping them to find personal fulfillment and build their own personal mission.   

Ostom Damasceno 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 55 61 3385 3030 cell phone 55 61 99223 5888   

Address: QI 03. Lot 380. Loja 12. Setor Industrial Gama  Brasília – DF Brazil CEP: 72445-030   


Fan page -Facebook:         

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