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Viavi Solutions said this week that it is collaborating with the China Mobile Research Institute on network slicing support for a 5G launch by the end of 2019, following “strategic meetings on 5G planning” in January between Madam Yang Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of CMRI, Viavi’s President and CEO Oleg Khaykin and Tom Fawcett, Viavi’s VP and GM of its lab and production business unit.

CMRI is China Mobile’s technical research and standardization arm, and its work includes testing protocols for the carrier. Viavi is a preferred vendor of China Mobile and will be providing both hardware and software for China Mobile and equipment manufacturers to develop a Slicing Packet Network with FlexE interface, which is the technology that China Mobile favors for 5G transport and has asked the International Telecommunications Union to standardize.

“In order to realize China Mobile’s vision of introducing 5G service by the end of 2019, principal technologies including [Slicing Packet Network] for transport must be standardized by the ITU-T,” said Khaykin in a statement. “We have advanced our test technology to meet this objective, and our solutions are ready to support the China Mobile ecosystem of partners to deliver interoperable network infrastructure.”

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