Is it happening in Brazil the same as in Venezuela? - Ta acontecendo com o Brazil a mesma porra do que ta acontecendo com a Venezuela?

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More than 200 trucks stuck between Brazil and Paraguay.

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... let's start with the question "what is money?"

Truck drivers are in strike because ... mmm the who? Mmm (let me think) *** schlub people's money. Are you surprised?

Alors, mes amis, excuse me my French: mas que porrA!

In Venezuela, while some were getting thin by not eating, the ones who had cryptocurrency survived.

Just a heads up.

... vamo começar com a pergunta "o que eh dinheiro?"

Os caminhoneiros tao de greve porque... mmm quem? Mmm *** (cheu pensar) schlub o dinheiro do povo. Alguem ta surpreso?

Entao, meus amigos, excuse me my French: mas que porrA!

Na Venezuela, enquanto tinha gente secando de fome, quem tinha cryptomoeda conseguiu se safar.

Fica a dica!

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