Wearing Suits Does Not Guarantee That You Are Sensible

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On a bus yesterday, a fine young lady kept reminding the driver that she will drop at a particular hotel. The hotel is notorious for prostitutes staying there. She was sitting next to me, shouting almost every 10mins to remind the driver. I assumed she didn't know the place.

At a point, some guys started laughing at her, some were asking her what she's going to the hotel to do, some were preaching and lecturing, some telling stories of how young ladies destroy their future there.


A particular guy sitting at our back, dressed in fine starched shirt and tie, kept disturbing this lady with questions like he's her dad. To my greatest delight, she didn't respond to any of them. She practically allowed goats to eat their palm fronds in peace.

When we got to the hotel, the driver stopped the bus, while she was about leaving, the guy felt she insulted him by not answering him, just as he drew her back, she dropped a back hand slap on his eyes. He was so unfortunate cos she was wearing a ring. The eyes got swollen immediately.

He threw a punch at her, I blocked the punch with my palm. It hurts Shaa but I was happy to have stopped him. She didn't even look back, rushed to a man and his wife waiting for her in front of the hotel, embraced and entered their car.

The same people saying rubbish to the girl started blaming the guy for drawing her back, some weren't happy with me, claiming my type is a woman wrapper. The guy almost ate me up with his eyes. I didn't say anything. When I wanted to alight from the bus, everyone kept quiet and shifted clearly from me. Maybe they thought I would do a season 2 of the slap.

I stepped down and advised him to use aboniki balm and hot water on the eyes when he gets home. I heard some ladies laughing their lives out at him while I walked away.

The young lady taught many of them lessons. Don't ever judge people when you don't know them. When people are saying rubbish, allow them to eat their cassava leaves in peace. When it gets to physical abuse, protect yourself the much you can. Wearing suit doesn't guarantee sense. A fool is a fool. Ndi ara kariri

Chibueze Ifeanyi


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Its true that we judge pipo ehn we don't even know them but this is teaching us a lesson thanks for sharing