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Humanity did not reach the current level of civilisation by taking the simple route over the plains. He has always encountered hills, dead ends, and enigmatic turns. In other words, it was essential to solve the issues first.

Humanity first developed the capacity to modify both nature and itself some 70 thousand years ago when it combined the ability to use "Language" with the "Power of Thought." The culture of thought and communication is only getting started. The ability to "carry culture" is one of the traits that distinguishes humans from other species.


Culture is relative, right? History is the accumulation of culture... Culture is a product of human labour and is dynamic. Everything that humanity cannot find ready in nature but adds to it is referred to as culture. The realm of culture might offer a cosy setting for one's personal residence.

Individual conduct is shaped by culture, which also gives society its identity. The sense of community and belonging in society is strengthened and deepened by it. Turkish culture is particularly based in the ideas of hospitality, sharing, friendship, and kinship. These values, as well as the caring way in which children and the elderly are treated, should serve as a model for other nations.

Culture existed inside this spectrum I drew up to the 2000s. There were numerous cultures in the past. However, people were more loving, tolerant, and understanding. The world has become smaller in modern times, yet individual people's worlds have expanded. People struggle to overcome options because there are so many options available in terms of lifestyles, ambitions, and means of achieving them that they are unsure of how to deal with them.

The cultures, religions, beliefs, languages, and social structures of the world today are diverse. The two cannot be distinguished from one another. Monocultural, introverted societies cannot survive in our increasingly globalised world. because they are unable to regenerate. They eventually become influenced by more evolved cultures and eventually vanish in them by contracting and losing value.

It is therefore impossible for societies to continue to be monocultural. The most crucial element in the advancement of culture and civilisation is communication. By "melting them in a pot," our globe is currently developing all cultural values, the shared cultural values of all humanity.

Universal culture, national culture, regional culture, and local culture—collectively referred to as "Civilization"—are the key issues within the context of multiculturalism. Cultural relativism is a result of multiculturalism. This view holds that each group's way of existence constitutes a culture, and that all cultures are equally valuable.


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