Scuba diving and benefits!

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This is the beginning of what will try to be a series of articles regarding scuba diving and the various reasons and details that make it so enjoyable as well as beneficial to all of us who can’t stand more than a few days to stay out of the water.

Benefits of scuba diving.

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Muscle strength resulting in better body posture

During your stay underwater your body goes through various stages. You feel relaxed and like you aren’t doing anything strenuous but at the same time your muscles tend to work harder than when they are out of the water. The water resistance and the possible currents that you may encounter while on a dive are responsible for your total-body workout. The more time you spend underwater diving and swimming the more your muscles gain strength, endurance as well as flexibility. Because you’re thinking, how is that possible for my whole body since I’m basically moving my legs trying to get places with my fins, your overall stance while underwater helps you build your core strength improving your everyday posture.

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Stress relieving activity (just like yoga but much wetter)

Scuba diving, as described, is an activity and in no way can be ever characterized as a sport. This means that it is based in energy conservation since the main concern of any diver is to be able to spend underwater as much time as possible. Consequently, all divers are asked and are trained to breathe slowly and steadily making thus sure that they will maximize their stay in the “blue”. As a result the calmness and relaxation of this slow breathing help in relieving stress, by lowering significantly diver’s heart rate and can in some cases even help in lowering high blood pressure. However, it is not recommended to try or consider diving as a treatment to high blood pressure condition but if a doctor gives you the ok for trying scuba diving then the end results may come with more pluses than originally expected.

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Socializing and traveling

As soon as you start diving you will discover that the diving community is much bigger than you originally expected. You realize that until you take up a hobby such as scuba diving you have never really understood the amount of people that like the same activity as you do. You find yourself surrounded with people of the same passion and love and just then it hits you that the door that you opened with that first visit to a dive center is much bigger than you thought! I am sure that one of the many thoughts that enter one’s mind when deciding whether or not to go and try scuba diving is: “And where will I find people that will dive with me, because none of my friends are divers?”
Well when the time comes for a dive you will see that no one will let you just be but they will bombard you with phone calls trying to make sure that you will not miss the next underwater adventure.


Speaking of adventures, when it’s time for your first vacation as a certified diver, remember you me that you will be trying to find the best scuba spot in the world to take you next trip to. And of course our blue planet won’t disappoint you, not just one bit!

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Choices are endless and the experiences that you will get will become indelible in your mind and heart!

I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating and probably I am but it’s because I love this thing called diving so much that I made it my profession and believe it is not the exaggeration that makes me talk like that, not even my love and passion for this.
I am just stating facts.


Not even trying to persuade you!

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Just sharing what I enjoy the most in the hope that maybe you will decide to see what this 71% of this beautiful planet of ours is made of!

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Thank you for your time and read!

P.S. All pictures were taken with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Edited with "photos" app from a 2011 MacBookpro

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hi @oresteem I'm a scuba instructor as well! I have 2200+ dives and recently completed my TDI Techincial Diver Extended Range training. Thanks for putting together these articles!

Where do you currently teach?

I've posted some of my adventures over at my Steemit at @thescubageek ... check them out if you have time 😁


Hi there! Sorry for the delay of my reply but I didn't have the time to get in front of a screen. I am currently @ Diveness. You'll easily find it on Facebook. This is my first attempt to write something like this on this platform and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I will happily have a look at your posts and I'm sure I will enjoy them a lot. Do you teach at any place now? Thanks for your reply and talk to you soon!