Superstition(my opinion)

in life •  7 months ago

It is popularly believed that some things can influence on our everyday life. It is often suggested that there is“lucky” and “unlucky” numbers or animals and some people believe in that. But many people are in favor of idea that superstitions like black cats or the number 13 is lie and it is silly to believe in that. I agree with the second point of view.

Now I would like to express my opinion of the problem of faith in some mystic things which also called superstitions. As already started I’m in favor of the second for a number of reasons. Firstly, all superstitions were created by people. Everyone can come up with his own superstition and may be it will be believed by someone. Secondly, superstitions are silly because something that someone thinks as unlucky, a different person can be thought as lucky. For example, I have a friend who likes number 9, but in Japan this number is unlucky because in Japanese it sounds like a word meaning “death”.

Some people argue that in their case, superstitions came true and so it’s not a lie. I disagree with it because superstitions don’t have proofs. Even if a superstition comes true, it’s just a random case. There are no proofs to count this right and accurate.

To sum up, there are different points of view on this problem. To my way of thinking, people shouldn’t believe in superstitions because we can’t check it and therefore it’s just a lie.

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