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hello friend steem this time I will share with you all about wine, surely you already know the grapes? Surely you've also tasted this one. The fruit is small in shape round / oval purplish red, green and yellow highlighter, although small but the benefits are extraordinary for health and beauty.

Grapes have been known since the time of the prophet and this has also been explained in the Koran 14 times.

The Qur'an mentions wine in the letter: Al Baqoroh 266, Al an'am 99, Ar Ra'd 4, An Nahl 67, Al Isra '91, Al Kahfi 32, Al Mu'minun 19, Yasin 34, An Naba 31-32, Abasa 28.

‘He grows for you with rainwater planted; olives, dates, grapes and all kinds of fruits. Verily in this is a sign (of Allah) for those who think. "(Surat: An Nahl: verse 11)

Hadith about wine: Prophet Muhammad said, "You have raisins (grapes). He can brighten the face and eliminate phlegm. "(HR Abu Nuaim)
People in ancient times believed that this sweet-tasting fruit had health uses both when it was still fresh or when it was dried. When viewed from the content of the compound from the fruit of this grape there is the name:

  1. Polyphenol and resveratol compounds that play an active role in various body metabolism, and are able to prevent the formation of cancer cells and various other diseases.

2.Secondary metabolites in grapes act as antioxidant compounds that can counteract free radicals.

3.Flavonoids in grapes can increase the production of good fat (HDL) while reducing triglycerides circulating in the blood.

4.Vitamin C and Vitamin E
5.Gallic acid
7.Phosphoric acid

Use of Grapes for Health and Beauty

1.Brighten the skin
2.Eliminate phlegm and treat cough
3.Causes a relaxing effect
4.Good for nerves and brain
5.Strengthens heart and heart
6.Treating the lungs
7.Overcoming kidney and liver problems
8.Cleanse the intestine
9.Streamlining digestion
10.Cleanse blood
11.Increase libido
12.Strengthen floats
13.Overcoming Ulcer
14.Improve immunity
15.Throw away toxins
16.Protection against skin cancer
17.Prevent constipation
18.Overcoming hair loss
19.Overcoming acne
20.Disguise wrinkles
21.Whiten teeth naturally
24.Good for quality sex

Now that was just a few of the benefits of grapes for health and beauty ...
For those of you who like wine, you can try it. For those of you who like not to vote, thank you.

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Brother wine has no benefit for body, but grapes have huge benefit as Allah told about it.thank you very much

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