jungle justice

in life •  last year

Another life wasted, another restless soul roaming , another young blood set ablaze ……….so unjustifiable and inhuman to kill A poor boy….for goodness sake he was just 7 years of age still in the learning process and bound to make mistakes .Driven by hunger and starvation he took (as they claim “stole”) to fill his empty stomach, not to buy cars or to build up mansions or empires, he took it because times are hard and there is no one willing to provide , He was just 7 years old
He took cassava flakes (popularly known as garri in Nigeria) They caught him, beat him to pulp, at that point not only was he bearing the pains of hunger but also that of the several lashes from people who have not been in is position …..laying on the bare floor helplessly waiting for a savior but no one could come to his rescue ………… As if that wasn’t enough they put a tire round his neck and poured gasoline all over him setting him ablaze to quench their thirst …
Rip boy. May your soul find a resting place


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WHY??? smh


I wish i could provide an answer buh i seem to have found none.....

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