How did Syria happen?

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How can a country, in the face of ethnic conflicts and international diplomacy, be seen on the verge of destruction, without seeing the situation in Syria? Bloody wars have been going on for seven years. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, along with the blood is bleeding in Syria. It is like the rising of the blood, or the day is not stopped. World human rights in the plight of the oppressed and oppressed people around the world are in their mouth.
But for some time, the Worldwife was shocked to see the body of Syrian child Aylaan Kurdi lying on a Turkish beach. The world's smallest frozen body was published in the media only after sleeping broke the world. But still the world's rhythmic tide, the Aileans are insignificant, it proves the war in Syria. Every day the name of the non-known Ayalan Kurds has to go away.
It started seven years ago. Millions of people have died in this civil war. Wounded more than five million About half of the people in Syria are forced to leave the country.
How the crisis started
The arrival of Arab Spring in the world in 2011. Tunisia Tragedy Later, Egypt, Libya Many thought that the Arab Spring might not be affected in Syria. Because Bashar Al-Asad's Baat Party has been able to rule the country for the last 40 years. Apart from this, many Sunni Muslims also had support in the form of Bashar's secular state. But the story started in Syria a little differently.
Conflicts spread from small incidents. In the middle of March 2011, government forces tortured four people for holding anti-government graffiti in the middle of March 2011. Government forces fired heavily in protesting and protesting the incident in the city of Dera. Some protesters died. The protests spread throughout the country.
Bashar carried out nation-wide operations with al-Assad tanks, artillery and helicopter gunships. In just three months in 2011, about 16 thousand protesters were killed.
The next event is so complex, it is difficult to keep accurate accounts. Seven years have passed through attack, counter attack, occupation of the city, free from occupation, and re-assault. About five million people were killed in this. The list includes innocent people, army, rebels and government supporters.
The West is calling for the 'People's Empowerment' by defeating Assad. The protesters were initially organized, but gradually organized outside support. Although the Syrian rebels have different parties and occasions, the rebels have assembled an organized force. The name of the Free Syrian Army Since then, the number of bodies continues to grow. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 50 thousand people died in 2012. Refugees have been five lakhs
Syrian ethnicity
One side of the bloody civil war is the 40-year-old Ba'ath Party under the leadership of the Allwits and ruling parties in Syria. On the other hand, Syrian rebels, including 60 percent of Syrian people in Syria and their understanding
In the international context, Russia and Iran have been in favor of Bashar Al-Assad government. Against the United States or their European allies The United Nations has vetted all the proposals against Syria. And in the absence of the Arab League from the beginning.
Sunni 69 percent of Syrian citizens Among them, Kurdish is 9 percent and the rest are Arabs. 12.8 percent of allaways Arab, 13 percent Christian, 9 percent of them are Orthodox and 4 percent are Armenians, Druze Arab 3 percent and Ismaili Shia 3 percent.
The name of the alwites is derived from the abusive language spoken to the Alaui tribe by the French rulers. Earlier, they were called as Nusari. The word alaui is more acceptable than the word nawasri. Because, the word 'alwites' means the followers of Hazrat Ali.
Free Syrian Army Formation (FSA)
In July 2011, the military rebels announced the formation of Free Syrian Army in order to bring down the Bashar regime. The civil war started in Syria through this announcement. Within a few days, armed conflicts took horrific forms.
In 1982, Bashar's father, Hafiz Al-Assad, ordered military operations on the Muslim Brotherhood. Thousands of people were killed. And after that, Brotherhood activists joined the Free Syrian Army.
In December 2016, Syria's military won a major victory against the rebels with control of Aleppo. Since then the number of FSA control areas has started to decrease. The reason for the failure of the Free Syrian Army to succeed is said to have been a group, but the real army could not be.
Interference of Russia, America and Allies
Initially only by light weapon and mortar or similar weapon attack, by September 2011, the Free Syrian Army got direct support from Turkey. In October 2011, the government army launched a first attack with the help of a tanker and helicopter to occupy the city of Komak. Since then, the Free Syrian Army occupies many parts of the country.
In Syria's civil war, foreigners were changing the situation in nude intervention. Russia's presence in the scene in 2015. Shi'ah supports Iran and Iraq government and Hezbollah of Lebanon Bashar al-Assad. On the other hand Sunni-majority Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting and cooperating with the anti-Assadians.
In the year 2016, the Middle East-based Islamic State (IS) remained firmly in Syria. The Syrian government has been called in one attack after another.
The United States has been supporting the rebels with arms since the beginning. In 2014, they started a war on terror through the war against IS Analysts say that the United States has established its ISO and ensures its access to Syria.