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I use to dress in greens,eat greens,live in green painted house House all because green is my favourite

I naturally like green maybe because we feed through green because green is agriculture. You plant now,its gonna bring out green leaves, if it brings another colour that's probably weak plant

When I was in polytechnic,I painted my hostel green so obviously my mates know green is my best colour

Bushes are green beautiful flowers must have green . Infact green is a great sign.

That's my favourite colour.
You must have your own favourite Colour Too

I remember when I was In primary school,I was put to yellow house during our inter house sport competition.I insist I wanna be in green house. Same thing in secondary school(high school)

And there was a day I saw a girl dressed in green top,green cap and black jean wear. This called my attention to her ,I've always seen her passing through my house street, i dont even greet her talkless of talking with her but this dressing made me turble the wall I built, its as if this dressing bring out the beauty in her for me to see. I ran after her and I Approach her. We were friends for weeks and didn't get to know each other before I asked if she would like to be my girlfriend and she said yes cos we've been in love with each other.

My favourite colour find me love. The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. If Walls could talk,it could say how much I love her.

And one day she asked why I love her. In my mind I should explain I fell in love with her dressing the day I first approach her but if I say that she may think I didnt love her so I said I don't know,I can't explain but I like it when you are in green clothes

Why would you hide what you ever like and what ever wanted. Let people know it with you.

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