Love matters

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I noticed love in those lower animals which is rare in human these days;

The cows do choose leaders between themselves, one leads while others follows and I've never seen cows fighting and I don't think they even do fight

And no matter how big flock of sheep is they always have leaders and which is always ewes, Females rules them. Hehehe. Only if it's a flock of sheep that has just rams male sheep rules. No one explain this to me cos my dad is a farmer and I noticed these through taking care of the animals and watching them

Same thing applicable to other animals, they do things in unity, they walk in team and eat in team, even if they fight, it doesn't mean they won't do things together again

Why can't human being just act like that even we can't think low like the animals
Of course we must fight so why can't we just settle it do things together the way we used to do. People stay together not because they forget but they stay together because they forgive


Choose a leader by their characters, not because of the bribe they give out.

Together we can change the world
Love matters
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Good post and cool pics! Hope you are doing well! Do you see how we are accumulating more steem now......we will look back and appreciate this opportunity. Keep active!!


Yes i see it, its just that you give me the motivation cos without you giving me upvote everyday i wont even bother to post . thanks much for everytime sir

Another great article! KEEP IT UP!


Thank you

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In all animal species there is order of leadership, which is hardly subverted. It is appalling that humans, supposedly, more Intelligent can't be said to compete with animals.

Love , to human is NEVER altruistic as it ought to be . Your observations are quite incontrovertible.


You e right, i only think if man can love each other and respect the superiors, things would be better