Top 3 Social Media mining Platforms that pays in cryptocurrency

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Social MIning is simply a means of MIning or earning Cryotocurrencies by simply socializing.

Here are top 3 social media platforms that pays...

3. Belacam
This is an instragm kinda social media built on a blockchain that pays content creators for sharing their pictural stories with others.

2. Lit
This is a snap chat kinda app linked with the Mithril Vault that works with the Erc20 etherium blockchain. It equally Pays for picturial stories

1. steemit

This is the first ever Crypto or blockchain based social media. That pays in Steem and Steem dollars.

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Steemit pays in steem & sbd,
Belacam pays in_____?
Lit pays in ____?


Belacam pays in bela coin
And lit pays in MITH


Can we talk on WhatsApp please, I need ask some other questions?

I have been using steemit & belacam thanks for informing me other one. Keep Sharing Informative Blog !! #Steemian :)

Very good, I like this article, I hope you can give me voted, I have voted for you.@zero12345