The Longest Cut is the Short Cut! (Read Why)

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Ever wondered why we always seek to know the easiest way to have it done? We tend to get excited whenever we hear there is a short cut, an easy way it could done.

The world is advancing towards technology, looking for the way to eradicate pain and stress. This is one of the reasons why Science Fiction movies sell in billions. We all just wanna find out how it could be done without stress and in less time.

But have we ever wondered if truly short cuts are less time consuming?

For example, everyone wanna hear the easier way to make money. This is why books, articles, seminars etc with titles like "how to make $100 in a minute" etc will always sell. This is because, humans just want quality and quantity with less sweat. We just wanna succeed without work.

In mathematics, a straight line is the SHORTEST DISTANCE between two points. That is, all those crooked roads we term as short cut is actually not the shortest distance. The shortest distance to success is following life principles and working your way smartly to the top.

Any other way that seems stress free is crooked and not the STRAIGHT LINE

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